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July is Dry Eye Disease Awareness Month

Created on: Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July is Dry Eye Disease Awareness Month, and, here at Vance Thompson Vision in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we know that dry eye syndrome is one of the most common problems eye physicians treat. In the United States, over 10 million people suffer from dry eyes.

Symptoms of dry eyes include: itching, burning, redness, excessive tearing, irritation, blurred vision that improves with blinking, and/or increased discomfort after reading, watching TV, or working on a computer.

Are you straining your eyes on the computer screen? Do you feel fatigued? Do you have dry and irritated eyes? If this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome.

Dry eyes are typically caused by a problem with the quality of the tear film that lubricates the eyes and can be treated with drops or punctal plugs.

At Vance Thompson Vision, we provide tear film chemistry analysis and treatment in addition to our other laser vision correction procedures. 

If you think you may suffer from dry eye syndrome, or to learn more about dry eyes, schedule an appointment online or call our office at (605) 361-3937.

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