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CrystalensCrystalens is an accommodating IOL that is designed to be an artificial replacement for your eye’s natural lens. It can be used both as the replacement lens in cataract surgery and for people who elect to replace their natural lens through a procedure called refractive lensectomy

Crystalens As we age, the eye’s natural crystalline lens will begin to deteriorate, slowly growing thicker and harder and causing a condition called presbyopia. This makes it difficult for the eye to automatically focus the lens, resulting in what is known as a loss of accommodation. The practical implication of this condition, which tends to surface around age 40, is usually a need for reading glasses or bifocal lenses.

CrystalensArtificial lenses have long been used to treat cataracts, but until recently, there was no way to correct for loss of accommodation. Many of these patients chose to correct their distance vision using PRK or LASIK, but this still left them dependent on reading glasses for near vision.

The Crystalens accommodating IOL is designed to provide a continuous range of vision for distance, intermediate, near and everything in between, eliminating or reducing patients’ dependence on reading glasses or bifocals. This is made possible by the IOL’s unique hinged structure, which allows the optic, or the part of the IOL that you actually see through, to move back and forth as your eye constricts and relaxes.