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Attending online is easy! All you need is a computer and a phone. We use an online seminar program that allows you to watch the same presentation that the doctor is giving live at our office.

To register, click on the link for the seminar of your choice.

There are currently no scheduled seminars. You can view our patient education video in the viewer to the right.

You will be redirected to a special registration page at GoToMeeting.com. After you register here, an email will be sent to you with further instructions.

At the time of the seminar, you will use this email to follow the link provided. Then you will call into the conference call via the information given.

This will allow you to hear as the doctor is presenting and ask questions at the end. Note: if you use a dial-up modem that occupies your phone line, you may need to use a secondary phone or mobile.

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