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Monofocal Implants

Mono-focal Implants

Mono-focal implants focus at one main point, and that point can be set at distance, intermediate or near. This implant allows for the sharpest possible vision at its set point –usually distance – but some type of corrective lens is needed for good vision at other distances. This occurs because the removal of the eye’s natural crystalline lens affects the eye’s ability to change its focus. Because a mono-focal implant is set to focus at a certain range, glasses are usually necessary to give patients the best possible vision at all distances.

Most patients who undergo implant surgery prefer to have their vision focused at a distance so that they can continue to go about many of their daily activities without glasses, using reading glasses to correct near vision when necessary.

Wavefront-adjusted mono-focal implants are implants that help daytime and nighttime vision quality. Visual distortions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism – known as “lower order aberrations” – are responsible for approximately 90 percent of your vision quality. The remaining flaws in your vision are a result of other unique imperfections in your eye called “higher order aberrations,” which affect the overall clarity of your vision, especially in low-light situations.

Until recently, vision correction of any kind, including LASIK and implants, was only able to correct lower order aberrations, much like glasses or contacts are able to do. However, with revolutionary new wavefront technology, our doctors are now able to address both the higher and lower order aberrations by implanting a wavefront-adjusted lens.

Premium Lens Implants

The LASIK procedure is the right answer for most patients who are considering refractive surgery to improve their vision. However, in patients with higher degrees of nearsightedness or farsightedness, the cornea may be too thin to allow full refractive correction.

In these cases, surgical implants may be the best alternative. These special devices are placed in the eyes to improve their focusing ability.


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