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Custom  LASIK Custom LASIK is the first FDA-approved LASIK procedure customized to your vision. Not only can this procedure correct your vision, but in some cases, Custom LASIK can actually improve it.

How? By mapping your eye’s unique visual irregularities to include those that cannot be addressed by any other type of correction. These distortions are called aberrations and are classified as Lower Order Aberrations and Higher Order Aberrations.

The Snellen Eye Chart has been the standard for vision measurement for over 150 years. Doctors have considered a patient’s vision to be “normal” if the small letters on the 20/20 line are identifiable from a distance of 20 feet. But not all 20/20 measurements are the same, and simply scoring 20/20 on a vision test doesn’t necessarily mean that you have perfect vision.

Custom LASIK Visual distortions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism – known as “lower order aberrations” – are responsible for the majority of your vision quality. The remaining flaws in your vision are a result of other unique imperfections in your eye called “higher order aberrations,” which affect the overall clarity of your vision, especially in low-light situations.

Custom LASIK is the most advanced laser vision correction available, surpassing even traditional LASIK in its ability to fine-tune your vision. Until recently, laser vision correction was only able to treat lower order aberrations, much like glasses or contacts. However, with revolutionary new Wavefront Technology, our doctors at Vance Thompson Vision are now able to generate a unique structural map of each patient’s eye and ultimately treat both the higher and lower order aberrations with the wavefront-adjusted treatment.

The preparation for the Custom LASIK procedure begins by using the wavefront device to transmit a ray of light into the eye. When the light is reflected back off the retina, it travels back through the pupil and is picked up again by the wavefront device, which uses the light to cast all of the eye’s irregularities as a 3-D image, known as a wavefront map. This data is then passed directly into the laser, allowing for the customization of the LASIK procedure according to your higher and lower order aberrations.


Custom IntraLASIK: The Most Advanced Laser Procedure Performed Today

IntraLASIKLASIK has always been essentially a two-step process. With traditional LASIK, a hand-held blade is used to create the flap, and a laser is then used to shape the cornea. But Custom IntraLASIK – the most precise LASIK procedure ever – uses a computerized laser to both create the flap and shape the cornea. Custom IntraLASIK is the first and only completely bladeless LASIK procedure to utilize an all-laser approach to both make the corneal flap and customize the correction through wavefront-guided technology.

Vance Thompson Vision was the second surgical center in the world to perform the Custom LASIK procedure in conjunction with IntraLASIK technology.

Don't Worry

While other doctors say "Don't move," we say "Don't worry!". Don’t worry about the possibility of complications being caused by involuntary eye movements during surgery, because Vance Thompson Vision’s custom lasers feature tracking systems that track up to 4,000 times per second, precisely monitoring all eye movements throughout the procedure. This ensures that each tiny flaw in your vision is corrected safely and accurately.

While conventional laser vision correction will generally provide very good results, Custom LASIK provides most patients with even clearer, more precise vision. At Vance Thompson Vision, we are dedicated to helping our patients see more clearly, and we are proud to offer Custom LASIK. We believe you will find the results truly something to see.

If you are seeking custom LASIK in the Bozeman, Sioux Falls, or Fargo areas, contact Vance Thompson Vision today!