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Vance Thompson wants you to See Happy!

Patient Experiences

Hear what some of our patients have to say about their vision correction from Vance Thompson Vision. If you have any questions regarding our patient experiences or would like to submit your own patient experience please make sure to contact us directly!

"All I can say is I once was blind, but now I see!"

Amy Bass- LASIK Patient, Student

"I never realized how important the little things are. Now I can see the alarm clock at night without reaching for my glasses."

Mary Hendricks - Registered Nurse

"I can’t begin to explain what a profound difference this has made in my life. It has completely changed the way I see the world."

Cammy Theeler - Attorney 

"It’s the new detail that shocked me. Colors are more vibrant.. everything is so crisp.”

Lyndon Hurley - Business Owner

"My optician was amazed at the improvement in my eyesight and the stability of the results. Now I see even better than I did wearing my glasses.”

Brian Sittig- Insurance Underwriting Manager

"This is a whole new world for me. I can see variations in colors I never knew existed. And now that I don’t have glasses, I can see sheet music and perform my job much better."

Jo Green- Music Teacher

"The best thing about cataract surgery at Vance Thompson Vision is I can see like when I was a child or even better."

Carla Youngworth- Cataract Patient, Registered Nurse

"The difference is night and day. I simply never knew what I was missing.”

Troy Steinbeck- Financial Planner

"I was disappointed when I learned I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK, but with the implant options offered to me I see better than I ever hoped. I would recommend them to anyone."

Dr. Beth Jensen- ICL Patient, Physician

"The CK procedure was extremely safe. And now I can pick up a book without having to pick up my glasses. It’s an incredible difference."

William Henrich- CK Patient, Retiree

"The results you just can't believe. I have the eyes I was born with, and I don't have to rely on glasses."

Marie Van Hofwegen - Retiree

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