Patient Forms

We understand that the healthcare industry isn’t known for its efficiency. One of the ways Vance Thompson Vision tries to break that stereotype is by giving you a registration process that’s as straightforward as possible.

Download Patient Forms

Once your initial appointment is scheduled, we’ll mail you a packet of forms to complete. In case your mailed forms are lost or ruined, links are provided below for you to download and reprint them. These forms are for new patients and should be brought to your first appointment. If you are unable to download our patient forms, then we recommend that you arrive 15-30 minutes before your appointment so that our First Impressions Team can provide a new set for you to complete.

Patient Information Form

General contact details required of all new patients.

Download Regular Form
Download Large Print Form

Medical History Form

Important details about past illnesses, injuries, allergies, and more.

Download Regular Form
Download Large Print Form

Authorization Form

Authorization for the use or disclosure of your health information.

Download Regular Form
Download Large Print Form

Let Us Help

Trouble filling out your forms? Let us know how we can help by calling 877-522-EYES.

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