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Conveniently located, our Omaha clinic is staffed by a talented team that looks forward to welcoming you to our attractive, comfortable facility. We've designed every aspect of this location to meet your needs and to put you at ease.

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World Leaders in LASIK, Cataract, Cornea, and Glaucoma in Omaha, NE

This location offers LASIK, cataract, glaucoma, and cornea care.

Vance Thompson Vision is centrally located near the I-80 and I-680 interchange. More specifically, our Omaha office is near downtown Old Millard between Highway 275 and Q Street.


LASIK, a laser vision correction procedure, reduces or even eliminates your need for glasses or contacts. Patients who aren’t candidates for LASIK may still experience freedom from corrective lenses with another laser procedure.

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Cloudy vision is a sign of cataracts, a condition that is treated surgically. Our world-class doctors can help you determine the best options to address yours. Some patients even experience less dependence on glasses after surgery.

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The doctors at Vance Thompson Vision provide cornea care using surgical and non-surgical treatments and the latest technology. They have the highest levels of training, which means when you choose one of them, your vision is in skilled hands.

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Patients are often nervous about a glaucoma diagnosis, but with proper management, it does not have to limit daily activities. Our surgeons have a long-standing commitment to glaucoma research. They’re here to help you navigate this disease.

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Vision Research

At Vance Thompson Vision, we’re serious about research. We’ve seen clinical breakthroughs transform our patients’ vision, their freedom, and their futures.

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Research at Vance Thompson Vision Omaha

Supervised by Dr. Baartman and supported by Vance Thompson Vision’s research department, the team in Omaha is actively studying glaucoma, cataracts, corneal disease, and presbyopia correction as well as refractive treatments. Their efforts to share study opportunities with patients and to help bring new treatments to market contributes to breakthroughs that improve vision and enrich lives.

Studies are ongoing and fall into two categories: sponsored clinical trials, most of which are FDA-monitored; or investigator-initiated trials, studies sparked by our doctors’ desire to understand an already-approved technology better. At any given time, Omaha’s team is working on trials that, in the long run, will bring even more advanced care to their patients.

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The Omaha Team

The Omaha team is led by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Brandon Baartman, who works hard to put his patients at ease. Much of the time, he accomplishes that through patient education (and a bit of humor when the situation calls for it). His team members have followed his example, and they too provide intentional, competent education to each patient who visits Vance Thompson Vision Omaha.

Dr. Baartman is supported by optometrists John Goertz and Kristin Walton. Along with the rest of the Omaha team, they offer patients the best possible care, the latest advancements in technology, and a welcoming atmosphere to share their concerns and questions.

Omaha Patient Ratings & Reviews


June 30, 2021

I had no qualms about Dr. Baartman doing my cataract surgery after my eye doctor recommended him highly. Dr. Baartman called me prior to the surgery to explain the procedure, calm my nerves, and answer questions that I might have. From the receptionist, to the vision examiner, to the techs, nurses, and Dr. Baartman, I was treated with dignity and respect. I felt that I was truly pampered.

July 3, 2019

Excellent! Why would anyone put off cataract surgery when Dr Baartman and his crew make is so pleasant?! Just trust them! Don’t worry! They are the best!

August 26, 2019

Seriously the best ever! Not often do you find a doctor that is extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. Dr Baartman explains things so well and so do his staff! Everyone is super friendly and it is just an all around great atmosphere. I am so lucky to have found this place and to have had my surgery completed by Dr Baartman.

October 5, 2021

I was really afraid to have cataract surgery but entering this office took all the fear away. Anyone needing vision care should see Dr Baartman, the kindest most reassuring person you will ever meet. The staff is exceptional.

March 6, 2023

My experience with Vance Thompson could not have been better!! The staff from the front desk to the doctors were fantastic!! I would definitely recommend them!!

March 8, 2023

The Dr's and nurses at Vance Thompson vision were totally amazing and I felt like they treated me like I was part of there family with the care I received. Thank you.

January 17, 2023

From the minute we walked in the front door and were greeted with warm smiles to the nursing staff to the doctor for surgery…. I knew we had made the correct decision to have my surgery done in Omaha. Such caring and compassionate people! Not to mention the skill of the medical staff! I had no idea how much I was missing out on on a daily basis… thanks to these fine people I have color back in my life and can actually see! THANK YOU!

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