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Our Sioux Falls clinic is welcoming, state-of-the-art, and ready to serve you. Our talented team aims to make your visit as comfortable as possible. For those seeking aesthetic services, this location also features Kalon Medical Spa.

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World Leaders in Advanced Cataract, LASIK, Glaucoma, Corneal, Eyelid, and Retinal Treatments in Sioux Falls, SD

This location offers refractive, cataract, glaucoma, cornea, eyelid, and retina care.

The Vance Thompson Vision building is an icon in Sioux Falls and if you see it at night, you’ll know why. Its distinct multi-colored halo lights are a highlight for many locals. Located on the south side of Sioux Falls, our clinic is just off I-229 on 57th Street between Louise and Western Avenues. Our Sioux Falls clinic also includes Kalon Medical Spa for patients seeking aesthetics and laser skin treatments.


LASIK, a laser vision correction procedure, reduces or even eliminates your need for glasses or contacts. Patients who aren’t candidates for LASIK may still experience freedom from corrective lenses with another laser procedure.

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Cloudy vision is a sign of cataracts, a condition that is treated surgically. Our world-class doctors can help you determine the best options to address yours. Some patients even experience less dependence on glasses after surgery.

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The doctors at Vance Thompson Vision provide cornea care using surgical and non-surgical treatments and the latest technology. They have the highest levels of training, which means when you choose one of them, your vision is in skilled hands.

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Patients are often nervous about a glaucoma diagnosis, but with proper management, it does not have to limit daily activities. Our doctors have a long-standing commitment to glaucoma research. They’re here to help you navigate this disease.

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The oculoplastic surgeons at Vance Thompson Vision use the most advanced technology to provide you world-class oculoplastic care.

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Retinal Care

A healthy retina brings color and detail to your vision so it’s important to seek specialized care. Retina specialists address both medical and surgical disorders of the retina. The most commonly addressed conditions include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, and retinal detachments. Because there are many other retina conditions, seeing an expert is critical to protecting your vision.

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Research at Vance Thompson Vision Sioux Falls

Supervised by doctors Thompson, Berdahl, and Terveen and supported by Vance Thompson Vision’s research department, the team in Sioux Falls is actively studying glaucoma, cataracts, corneal disease, and presbyopia correction as well as refractive treatments. Their efforts to share study opportunities with patients and to help bring new treatments to market contributes to breakthroughs that improve vision and enrich lives.

Studies are ongoing and fall into two categories: sponsored clinical trials, most of which are FDA-monitored; or investigator-initiated trials, studies sparked by our doctors’ desire to understand an already-approved technology better. At any given time, Sioux Falls’ team is working on trials that, in the long run, will bring even more advanced care to their patients.

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The Sioux Falls Team

Our Sioux Falls teams are led by a group of experienced surgeons who strongly believe that ophthalmology moves forward through technology and teaching the next generation. They regularly contribute to advancements in the field and make their residency and fellowship programs a priority. While there are plentiful opportunities for these surgeons to share their world-class skill, they have chosen to practice in Sioux Falls where they can best serve the people and area they call home.

Along with our optometrists and the rest of the Sioux Falls team, our surgeons offer patients the best possible care, the latest advancements in technology, and a welcoming atmosphere to share concerns and questions.

Sioux Falls Patient Ratings & Reviews


June 25, 2024

Just had lasik procedure at Vance Thompson in Sioux Falls. Exceptionally kind people. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from the first step in the door and my last step on the way out. The surgery including everything before and after was seamless and very informational. The personal experience was something I look forward to if I ever have to go back for any reason.

June 24, 2024

I really appreciated the time that Dr. Rasmussen and Dr.Thompson spent with me and the conversation about my eyes and what options were available and what I could expect from having lens replacement surgery. I felt comfortable that they were genuinely interested in helping me find the best possible solution for me.

April 16, 2024

Very welcoming staff and Dr. Wallin was very professional and made sure to explain all aspects of procedure. Very in depth examination of my eyes and the staff assistant was very helpful and explained all the eye tests that were done. Felt I was in good hands through the examinations. Really impressed with the innovative building and all of the advanced equipment for testing eyes. Very thankful Sioux Falls has such a great vision institution.

March 8, 2024

The entire team was so welcoming and informative. I am a nervous person, but I was so comfortable by the time we got to the procedure room that I didn’t even require an anxiolytic. I am now 1 month post op and I have had nothing but wonderful news! My vision is AMAZING! It’s so nice to be able to get up with my babies in the night or even just get out of bed in the morning and not have to try to find my glasses or feel my way around the house! Not to mention, I no longer have to worry if my contacts don’t last a full month like they are supposed to! I would 100% recommend Vance Thompson and his team!!

March 7, 2024

Excellent care, everyone was super kind and helpful. Especially nurse McKayla. They worked me in so I was grateful but did have long waits at appointments. They have drinks and snacks ( yummy homemade cookies) so that was very nice while waiting!

March 5, 2024

I just had cataract/glaucoma surgery yesterday and today at Vance Thompson Vision. I had to postpone several times for various reasons, but all the staff went out of their way to be friendly and helpful; the whole process was well done and efficient and went off without a hitch. I was surprised at how little discomfort I’ve had (at least so far…) and wonder now why I was so terrified to get it done. Vance Thompson Vision made the experience as painless as could be. Candy Wagner

March 2, 2024

The team was great to work with. They were very personable, thorough in the testing/evaluation process, didn't hesitate to look further into some anomolies to ensure surgery was a good option, and explaining everything well. Great experience!

February 29, 2024

Excellent, very professional, would recommend to anyone. Liked that I could do one of my eye cataracts the first day and then come in the next day and have the other eye done. Fast and easy. Very impressed.

February 29, 2024

Professional, personable, knowledgeable. Everything was explained, all questions answered. I felt it was true compassionate care of the highest standards. Thank you.

February 28, 2024

Very happy with the thorough exam. All was explained in detail, and not pressured into a decision.

February 28, 2024

It is always enjoyable and very informative when I am seen at Vance Thompson

February 28, 2024

Everyone makes you feel important. Very friendly

March 7, 2024

This was my first experience with the Vance Thompson vision location and it was all positive. My interactions with all the people were all positive. They were pleasant, gregarious, informative and supplied me with everything I needed to make decisions about my eye health and future needed procedures.

February 14, 2024

Extremely professional yet treat you like family. I have received great Care with attention to every detail, I was made to feel very comfortable and every question was answered thoroughly. I was at ease and all of my fears were replaced with confidence. I highly recommend!!!

February 13, 2024

I had the best experience in every way. From caring and courteous staff, a knowledgeable and expert surgical team, to making me feel at ease and valued from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. And I have the best eye sight I've had in years, and that is priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

February 13, 2024

Only the best !! Everyone is so amazing! Trust your eyes to Vance Thompson - you won’t be sorry!!

February 8, 2024

Top notch Doctors and staff! Your eyes should ONLY be with VTV!!!

December 28, 2023

Undoubtedly the best customer/patient services I have ever experienced from any category of business of any kind, and I’m 73. I highly recommend Vance Thompson Vision.

April 3, 2023

The entire experience exceeded my highest expectations. From consult, to staff, to surgery, and follow-up procedures I could not be happier. Will recommend to anyone.

December 1, 2022

22 years ago I entrusted my care to Vance Thompson for LASIK surgery. When it came time for cataract surgery I never considered using anyone else. From beginning to end you can expect the entire staff to be consummate professionals. They are the BEST in the industry! What you'll never expect is how NICE they are. From your first phone call, throughout your surgical experience, up to you last appointment. you'll encounter the nicest, most compassionate, caring staff you'll ever meet. Succinctly, color my world with Vance Thompson Vision!

August 4, 2022

Amazing experience at Vance Thompson’s in Sioux Falls! It was easy, painless for me, and honestly felt like a resort! Today I reached for my glasses after sleeping and realized I don’t need them anymore! It was a very personal, well-explained experience! I highly recommend! I am less than 24 hours out and can see better than 20/20 already!

May 5, 2017

Every time I have been to the office in Sioux Falls, everyone from the lab techs to the receptionists, doctors and interns have been exceptionally friendly, helpful, and understanding. I have had the same stellar service when calling, whether about appointments or billing. Overall, this is probably the best customer service care I have ever received, and that is especially nice to find in the medical field where it is necessity rather than pleasure that causes people to come in. Besides fantastic customer service, everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable and happy to explain anything I asked about. If they didn't know the answer themselves, they would find out, or get someone who did know. This is especially reassuring when dealing with confusing and occasionally frightening medical issues, and I appreciated the clear competence of everyone I dealt with. I would recommend Vance Thompson Vision Center to anyone needing eye care in a heartbeat! Even when the outcome wasn't what was desired, it is clear they care a great deal about their patients and put their heart into their work.

January 7, 2020

The Vance Thompson team was very welcoming and helpful in every stage of my treatment. I am happy to say that I can see the clock without glasses for the first time in 37 years! I cannot recommend them enough!

June 21, 2020

I did lasik 18 years ago with Vance Thompson. No issues still 20/20 today. If you want the best of the best come here!

October 24, 2020

I recently had LASIK with Dr. Vance Thompson and the only thing I can say is I wish I had done this sooner. Dr. Thompson was so comforting throughout the entire procedure. Everyone at Vance Thompson Vision was highly professional and friendly. If you are thinking about getting LASIK you should do it sooner than later. Vance Thompson Vision is top notch!

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