Research at Vance Thompson Vision

Vance Thompson Vision has a long-standing commitment to research. And not just any research. We only take part in studies that we feel comfortable performing on ourselves, our team, and our family members.

Study Coordinators

Your doctor will talk with you if you’re a candidate for one of our current studies. Each of our doctors is supported by at least one on-site study coordinator who keeps them informed of openings and eligibility requirements. For more information about research, please contact your location’s coordinator.

Sioux Falls, SD
Elle Malmanger

West Fargo, ND
Alyson Saville

Bozeman, MT
Elyse Barkstrom

Alexandria, MN
Miranda Danielson

South Sioux City, NE
Danielle Schmidt

Research Director
Tiffany Facile

Prioritizing Research Initiatives

Vance Thompson Vision traces its beginning to Dr. Thompson’s participation in the original LASIK and PRK trials. Attracted to its innovativeness and how it would help his patients, Dr. Thompson joined the investigation phase of the clinical trial that gained LASIK its FDA approval.

Since then, Vance Thompson Vision has continued to make research a practice-wide priority. Our team still participates in laser vision correction studies and has grown its research department to also include cataracts, glaucoma, cornea, and dry eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in a clinical study?

Your participation in a clinical study leads the way for breakthroughs in treatment and techniques that restore vision and reclaim independence. They also provide access to technology you may not experience otherwise.

How does Vance Thompson Vision select which research studies to take part in?

Vance Thompson Vision is a site only for those research studies it deems worthwhile for patients and of true value to the medical community. In 20 years, we’ve formed partnerships that give our surgeons insight into where the market is headed and how best to move ophthalmology forward.

How will I know if I’m eligible for a research study?

Because research is so important to Vance Thompson Vision, team members are made aware of study opportunities on a regular basis. If you’re a candidate for one of our current studies, they will share that opportunity with you.

Why does Vance Thompson Vision invest in research?

Since our founding, we have emphasized the importance of research. It leads to new technology, better methods to address disease, and ultimately gives patients — some of whom are facing blindness — clearer vision.

Will I be compensated?

Usually, yes. The amount of compensation depends on the study, duration, and the time commitment for patients. Our study coordinators will help you understand the compensation for any study in which you might participate.

Should I hold out for a study before having my surgery?

Even though research studies are constantly being opened for patient enrollment, we strongly recommend that you follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to clinical research participation and the timing of your treatment. Rest assured, your ophthalmologist is well-aware of what studies are available and will bring opportunities to your attention as needed. Please feel free to ask though.