The Most Meaningful Gift of All: The Gift of LASIK

Woman opening a Gift of LASIK certificate

Your clear vision is one of the most important elements of your daily life. From the moment you look in the mirror in the morning to your final social media scroll at nighttime, you’re using your vision to interact with the activities and people you love.

With LASIK, you experience the freedom to see clearly from right when you wake up, without the added hassle of glasses and contacts. After your laser vision correction, there’ll be no more smudged or foggy glasses and no more empty saline solution or dropping a contact down the drain. With something this important to your everyday life, Vance Thompson Vision believes it makes a considerate gift any time of year.

The best gifts are meaningful and useful daily, just like the gift of LASIK.

Three Reasons Your Loved One Will Love the Gift of LASIK

  1. Vision is vital. Life is clearly worth seeing, from the day-to-day to the special moments. Your loved one will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift of LASIK because it’s a gift that impacts a daily essential — their vision.
  2. LASIK gives freedom. That means freedom from other types of vision correction that smudge or get lost. This can be especially helpful to the sporty types in your life. Glasses can get in the way or be damaged when playing football, basketball, or dancing. For travelers, contacts, glasses, and all their care equipment takes up valuable space in their carry on. Clear vision, without the hassle, makes the most important parts of life a little bit easier.
  3. A good gift just shouldn’t collect dust on the shelf. Knick-knacks, yet another mug, or a millionth blanket make great go-to gifts, but sometimes don’t carry the long-lasting meaning of an intangible gift. In a world filled with “stuff,” the gift of LASIK provides joy that lasts a lifetime.

I’m Ready! Sending the Gift of LASIK

You can give a Vance Thompson Vision gift certificate for LASIK to any family member who struggles with astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia), or farsightedness (hyperopia) and is over age 18. That means sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren — anyone you’re close to. Maybe even treat your best friends to effortlessly quality vision after LASIK.

You can stick to the classic gifting time around holidays or birthdays. But keep in mind that the best time to see clearly with corrected vision is now.

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