Billing and Information

Comanagment, or collaborative care of a surgical patient

Our goal is to ensure you have the information needed to continue care when a patient is coming back to your office post-operatively. Important details will be provided via the “Release of Care” form. This document will be faxed to your office on the day the surgery is completed.

The Release of Care includes

  • Patient Name and Date of Birth

  • Surgery

  • Release of Care dates

  • Impression and Plan

  • Diagnoses

  • Treatment Plan

  • CPT Codes

  • ICD-10 Codes

  • Other discussion notes

  • Specialty Medications

If a patient elects to return to your office for their post-op visits, a 55 modifier should be on the co-managing doctor’s claim for postoperative care.

  • Example: Cataract Surgery (CPT 66984)
    • Co-managed claim = 66984-55RT or LT

Medical and Refractive Co-Management - Cataract

The Medical or Therapeutic Component: (outlined in the green box)

  • The first 90 days of postoperative care, known as the global period. Day one starts the first day after surgery. On what date will the 90 day global period end? Click HERE for a day to date calculator.

  • Visit charges during this time should be submitted to the patient's medical insurance.

  • These charges should be handled just like you would if you were billing postoperative care for standard cataract surgery.

The Refractive or Elective Component: (outlined in the yellow box)

  • Involves the extended aftercare (day 91-180) that is an additional period of time, not covered by insurance, to monitor the results and manage the patient’s refractive outcomes.

  • Our office will schedule the patient an appointment with your office around the 100th day following surgery, which falls outside the first 90 day medical global period.

  • The payment owed by the patient for extended aftercare is sent to your office to cover the refractive visits that are not covered by insurance.

  • The payment may come in the form of a check payable to your office, credit card authorization, or one of our financing companies, and it will be indicated accordingly on the “Financial Information for Co-Managed Patients” form which accompanies the notes from our office.

  • When you receive credit card information, your team will need to run this transaction.

  • If your office participates with Care Credit or ALPHAEON CREDIT, your office will also need to run those transactions.

Refractive Co-management - (LASIK, PRK, ICL, RLE)

  • Fee made out to your practice for Days 1-364 post operative care

Financing Options

Alphaeon Credit is a company that provides patients with a financing option for their LASIK or other elective procedures. Alphaeon features a Budget Pay Plan which sets a fixed monthly payments in addition to their Equal Pay Plan, and No Interest options. Alphaeon Credit has no up-front costs, no annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties.


CareCredit is a company that provides patients with credit for their LASIK or other elective procedures, offering short-term, 0% interest payment plans and low-interest, extended payment plans. CareCredit has no up-front costs, no fees and no pre-payment penalties.