See & Do and Back-to-Back

See & Do and Back-to-Back

What is See & Do and Back-to-Back?

The See & Do program is designed to cut down on the number of trips patients have to make to our clinic for cataract surgery. We have special clinic and surgery center appointments available for patients to have their complete evaluation in the morning and 1st eye surgery in the afternoon with their 2nd eye the next day, all in one trip (back-to-back). A release of care and post-op summary will be sent to the doctor the patient chooses to have their aftercare with. These patients are usually able to get into surgery within 3 weeks of us receiving your note.

A good See & Do candidate: Good candidates for our See & Do referral process include non-complicated cataract patients with no significant cornea pathology (EBMD, Fuchs dystrophy, etc). If your patient also has glaucoma we can utilize MIGS procedures during our See & Do process as well, as long as it has been documented that they have been on IOP-lowering medications in the past.

How the Program Works:

Step 1 – Send us a See & Do referral note

  1. You can fax your clinic note with the words "SEE & DO" written on it, or you can fill out the Surgical Referral Form. Whichever is easiest for your office!
  2. Once we receive that fax, we'll take it from there! Our team will ensure that your patient receives all of the necessary information for them to prepare for their appointment and surgery.

  3. What patients can expect: a call from our office to schedule necessary appointments and surgery & information videos about their surgery.

Step 2- Chart Review and Deciding on a plan
  1. When we receive your fax, it is shared with our doctors. After we have reviewed the chart note or letter from you, we will call the patient to talk about how they want to use their vision following cataract surgery and the options available to them, the same way we discuss vision outcomes with the patient in the office during a standard evaluation.

  2. After the patient has decided on a plan for their vision post-surgery, the VTV doctor confers with the scheduling team. A team member from Vance Thompson Vision will call and walk the patient through the financial aspects of their surgery. The financial information is also included with the material that is mailed to the patient. Our counselors will talk to patients about their medical coverage, anticipated out-of-pocket costs, and any refractive charges applicable, along with any other questions the patient may have. During this phone call VTV counselors will also schedule the patient's surgical dates.

Other important information

  • Patients can elect to do See & Do and not back-to-back
  • Can be in combination with some MIGS procedures
  • Negotiated hotel rate accommodations available