Brow Lift

As we age, the eyebrows can fall, causing the eyes to look tired. Understanding eyebrow position as it relates to eyelid position is best done by an oculoplastic surgeon, who can use their extensive knowledge of the delicate muscles in the eye area to give you the best aesthetic results.

Droopy eyebrows can be addressed in a number of ways using less invasive, non-surgical methods, or through a variety of surgical options. These procedures may be combined with other functional and cosmetic eyelid surgery to help achieve your desired outcome.

Non-surgical Brow Lifts

Botox can be applied in the appropriate locations to give a subtle lift to the brow. This non-surgical method of brow lift is quick and non-invasive. Botox smooths the muscles of the forehead, while pulling the eyebrows upward. This opens the eyes, and gives a more alert and rested appearance to the ocular area. The effects of a Botox brow lift can last up to four months.

Procedure Time 15 minutes
Recovery None
Follow-up Lasts 3-4 Months

Surgical Brow Lifts

We offer a variety of surgical brow lift options to best meet your needs.


A browpexy lifts the central and outer portion of the eyebrow. The impact of a browpexy is focused on the outer portion of the brow, rather than the whole brow. It gives the eyes a natural, youthful appearance and more open eyes. Small incisions are made at the tail end of the eyebrow or within the eyelid, making scarring minimal or unnoticeable. A browpexy is often combined with upper blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the whole eye area.

Procedure Time 20 minutes
Recovery 10-14 days
Follow-up 1 week

Direct Brow Lift

Direct brow lifts are performed through incisions made directly above the brow. These incisions are closed meticulously to ensure an excellent appearance after surgery.

Procedure Time 30 minutes
Recovery 10-14 days
Follow-up 1 week

What to Expect

Prior to surgery, a detailed examination will be performed along with supportive testing. Your doctor will create a surgical plan customized to your specific needs. A surgical brow lift is an outpatient procedure that lasts 20-30 minutes, performed in office or in our surgery center.

The operation for a browpexy is typically performed along with an upper blepharoplasty, adding an additional 20 minutes onto that procedure.

Blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing, or a combination of these may be performed along with a brow lift to rejuvenate aged skin.

You will experience swelling and bruising for a week or two following surgery. Oral medications will help with any pain or discomfort. For the first ten days after the procedure, you should avoid wearing makeup. Strenuous activities such as lifting, bending, and exercise should be avoided for one week after surgery.

Brow Lift Before & Afters

Blepharoplasty, brow lift, deep laser resurfacing, and lip and cheek filler

Blepharoplasty, brow lift, deep laser resurfacing, and lip and cheek filler

Bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty and bilateral internal browpexy

Bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty and bilateral internal browpexy

Bilateral Upper Lid blepharoplasty, left upper lid ptosis repair, bilateral direct brow lift

Bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty and bilateral direct brow lift

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is any procedure to raise the eyebrows to achieve a more awake, open look to the eyes. A Botox brow lift is offered as a non-surgical option, and surgical options include browpexy, endoscopic brow lift, and direct brow lift. At Vance Thompson Vision, the right brow lift treatment will be tailored to you.

Does icing make a difference in brow lift swelling?

Swelling is a normal part of the recovery process. Ice and elevation can help reduce this, along with discoloration. Icing your eyebrow for two to three days after surgery is recommended. Apply ice for 20 minutes at a time during the hours you are awake for the first three days.

How long does a brow lift last?

A non-surgical Botox brow lift lasts 3-4 months and can be repeated as desired. Consistent treatment is the best way to achieve and maintain desired results.

A surgical brow lift lasts 10-12 years and beyond, and its impact can be extended by wearing sunscreen, not smoking, healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and more. While skin loses some elasticity over time, any wrinkles that appear will not be as noticeable as they would be otherwise.

How much does a brow lift cost?

The cost of a brow lift varies based on the specific procedure you choose and any additional treatments you and your doctor determine are right for you. The cost may also be affected by your insurance coverage.

How long after a Botox should I wait to have a brow lift?

Botox affects the same area as a brow lift, so waiting 4-6 months after Botox has fully worn off to have a brow lift is recommended. Once healed, botox use can be resumed if you choose, however many clients find they no longer need Botox after a brow lift.

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