Eyelid Cancer & Mohs Reconstruction

Common cancers in the eye area are squamous cell cancer and basal cell cancer. These can be removed with Mohs surgery, performed by a dermatologist trained in this specialty. Once the cancer is removed, reconstruction of the eyelid or surrounding area by an oculoplastic surgeon may be necessary. At Vance Thompson Vision, our oculoplastic surgeon is trained in the techniques of Mohs reconstruction surgery of the eyelids.

What to Expect

Prior to your procedure, a detailed examination will be performed and your doctor will create a plan customized to your needs. We coordinate with your dermatologist to schedule surgery and next day reconstruction. Reconstruction surgery typically lasts around 60 minutes and is performed under anesthesia.

It may take 1 month or more to fully heal after Mohs reconstruction. Following your procedure, oral medications may be taken to reduce any pain or discomfort you experience. For the first ten days after the procedure, you should avoid wearing makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mohs reconstruction?

After cancerous cells are removed through Mohs surgery, patients may require a reconstructive approach for functional or cosmetic reasons. Our oculoplastic surgeon is specifically trained in reconstructive techniques and will do a comprehensive exam to assess your specific needs before surgery.

How long after Mohs surgery can you have reconstruction?

Our office coordinates with your dermatologist to schedule reconstructive surgery the day after your initial Mohs surgery.

Does insurance cover reconstruction after Mohs surgery?

Both Mohs surgery and the following reconstructive procedures are covered by insurance, including Medicare, as they are generally categorized as medically necessary.

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